A couple of months ago we received an email from a Korean television company (SBS) if we wanted to participate in a Korean televisionshow. At first we thought it was a joke but soon we found out this was serious bussiness.  Only a month later we were allready in a plain to Korea, ready for some adventure. The concept of the program was that we swapted houses with Haemin Sunim, a Korean Zen-Buddhist, who became really famous all around the world because of his books and twitter messages. Right now he’s the best selling author in Holland! 

So, we lived in Haemins house (we mean temple) for a week and hang out with the monks while Haemin stayed in Sabiens house in Amsterdam and hang out with our friends. It was an amazing adventure that we will never forget. We got really inspired up there in the temple and wrote a song, based on Haemins book (Things you can see only when you slow down). You can listen and see the video here: